Pankobunny's Watermelon Rice Balls

Cute and perfect for the summertime, these are simple to make with our very own CUCKOO rice cooker! Check out Pankobunny's recipe down below to make your own watermelon rice balls. 

Watermelon Rice Balls


2 rice cooker cups of short grain rice
1/8 tsp matcha powder
¼ tsp beet powder
½ tsp black sesame seeds
salt, to taste


1. Wash the rice thoroughly in cold water until the water runs clear and is no longer milky in color.
2. Place the washed rice in the rice cooker and fill the basin with enough water to reach the “2” mark.
3. Select the “Non Pressure” and “Glutinous Rice” modes, then press Start.
4. Once the rice is finished cooking, add some salt to taste and mix to combine with the rice spatula.
5. In two small dishes, dissolve both the matcha powder and beet powder each in 2 tbsp warm water. Set aside.
6. Place half of the rice into a bowl and drizzle the beet mixture on top. Mix well until the rice is an even pink color. Take 2/3 of the remaining rice and mix it with the matcha mixture until it is a vibrant green.
7. Place a sheet of plastic wrap on your work surface. Layer 3 tbsp of green rice, 2 tbsp white rice and about 1/3 cup of pink rice on top of each other. Gently wrap the plastic wrap around the rice and use your hands to shape it into a triangle. Squeeze firmly so that it will keep its shape when unwrapped.
8. Continue making rice balls with the remaining rice. Once the rice balls have been shaped, gently unwrap them and place them on a plate. Stick black sesame seeds onto the pink portion to look like watermelon seeds.
9. Enjoy!

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