Tomato Basil Bisque

A classic tomato bisque soup that pairs perfectly with a crunchy grilled cheese. Make this the most convenient soup in your inventory with easy-to-use cooking modes.

Level: 1
Prep time: 20min
Cook time: 50min


  • Butter: 2T
  • Diced onion: 1/4c
  • Diced carrot: 1/4c
  • Chopped garlic: 2T
  • Flour: 3T
  • Low sodium chicken stock: 3c
  • Tomato paste: 4T
  • White sugar: 2T
  • Heavy cream: 1/2c
  • Sour cream: 1/2c
  • Salt: to taste


  1. Set cooker to [BROWNING FRY level.#4]
  2. Place butter, onion, carrot, garlic, flour, and Sautée till onion is translucent. [approx..7min]
  3. Add tomato paste, chicken stock and sugar then set to [SOUP] setting for 40min.
  4. Once finished pour soup into a blender and add heavy cream and sour cream and blend until smooth.
  5. Once smooth pour in bowl and enjoy.


We recommend a multi-pressure cooker with a browning and soup mode like CUCKOO's 5-Quart/6-Quart Premium Multi-Pressure Cooker (CMC-ASB501F/CMC-ASB601F) that ensures even heat and fast cooking. The flavor of your tomatoes will concentrate in a pinch. 

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