Replacement Inner Pot for CRP-P0609S

Replacement Inner Pot for CRP-P0609S


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Maintain CUCKOO’s renowned pressure technology by replacing the inner pot that may have seen better days. If you’re constantly feeding a crowd, it will also be nice to have a spare on hand for your convenience.

Be sure to reference the compatibility chart below to purchase the correct inner pot for your rice cooker.

Please note: If both aren’t replaced at the same time, you may notice steam escaping or a stiff lid when closing. Similar to the inner pot, the compatible rubber packing also undergoes normal wear and tear over a couple years of regular use, so consider replacing the items together for the best experience!


Product Name Replacement Inner Pot
Model Number INNERPOT-CRP-P06
Compatible Model(s) CRP-P0609SB / CRP-P0609SW
Capacity 6 Cups (Uncooked)
Type Nonstick

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